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Berlin Located in the north-eastern corner of Germany, the capital city of Berlin is an exciting place that's perfect for those that love sightseeing and nightlife.


Located in the north-eastern corner of Germany, the capital city of Berlin is an exciting place that's perfect for those that love sightseeing and nightlife.


Holidays to Berlin

One of Europe's most popular city break destinations, Berlin offers plenty to holidaymakers looking for culture, cuisine and fun, both night and day. Lovers of culture and history will enjoy spending time visiting the endless number of attractions and sights dotted across the city, and are sure to love the galleries, theatres, museums and other cultural hotspots that line the city's streets.


Berlin's restaurants and bars are also second-to-none. Visitors can enjoy the meaty treats that German food is so famous for, of course, but there's also a fantastic range of international flavours and delicious vegetarian and vegan eateries to be experienced across the length and breadth of the city too.


Those that enjoy a tipple or two will also be in their element – as well as fine German beers, the city has all sorts of trendy bars and cocktail hangouts – and for night owls who love nothing better than disco lights and long nights spent on the tiles, Berlin's nightclubs are world-renowned, regularly playing host to music's biggest DJs and performers.


In terms of climate, Berlin has a mixed climate that produces slightly below-zero weather between October and April, and warm weather of around 20°C in the summer months. The driest months are October and February – with rain levels as low as 35mm – while the wettest are June and August, where rainfall hovers around 70mm.


Things to do on holiday in Berlin

There's loads to do in Berlin – here are some of our favourites.



If you love nothing better than wandering through pretty buildings taking-in culture, art, history and more, Berlin is certain to entertain, inspire and educate.


History buffs, in particular those with an eye for the ancient, will love the Pergamon Museum and Neues Museum, each home to all sorts of relics stretching back thousands of years. Want to know more about German history? The German Historical Museum is ready and waiting for you to enter through its doors.


You can learn all sorts about the city's darker times at places such as Topography of Terror, the Jewish Museum and the Stasi Museum, alongside the many other smaller World War Two and Cold War-themed centres that can be visited across the city.


Art lovers will also love visiting – the Gemaldegalerie in particular houses some of the world's most famous paintings.



Berlin's nightlife is world-renowned for a reason and if you love nothing better than heading out and enjoying hours of dancing, drinking and carefree unwinding, the city's night time hotspots are a must-visit.


After starting out at one of the many drinking establishments in the city, why not venture to one of Berlin's amazing clubs? Tresor, Berghain and Matrix are just a few of the exciting and electric places that are sure to fascinate dance music fans and night owls.


Like heading out but aren't a big fan of techno? For fans of live music, there are also lots of gig venues dotted throughout the city begging to be visited.



As capital of Germany, Berlin is home to all sorts of world-famous sights. Sightseers will love the Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Fate, and Berlin Cathedral, alongside the many beautiful landmarks that call Berlin home.


Visitors can learn about Berlin's past at the Memorial of the Berlin Wall, The Holocaust Memorial and East Side Gallery, which is home to existing portions of the Berlin Wall that were painted over by talented graffiti artists. On a dry day visitors can spend ages simply wandering around the city's interesting places, learning about the stories behind the monuments.


Of course, visitors can head upwards as well, with many of the city's tallest buildings – Television Tower, for instance – opening their uppermost levels to tourists looking for amazing views out over the city that can't be appreciated from anywhere else.



Berlin features a very wide range of culinary experiences, from quick and easy home-style German cooking to exquisite, Michelin-starred restaurants. One of the best things about Berlin is that great quality eateries of each are super easy to find – just ask local or do a quick search and you're sure to find a gem.


Whatever your favourite dish or cuisine, in Berlin you'll find it. From authentic Middle Eastern and Asian eateries to classic Italian cooking, your favourites are ready and waiting to be sampled, although any trip to the city is best served with a portion of curry wurst or an order from one of the many delicious hamburger joints that call the city home.


If you're not a fan of meaty dishes, Berlin is famous for its vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafes as well.



If you're a sports lover, whether it's football, athletics, basketball or something entirely different that you're into, Berlin has something that'll get your sporty side warmed up.


Football lovers can catch a match played by Hertha BSC or Union Berlin, while teams such as Alba Berlin and the Berlin Eisbären are well known throughout the world for their basketball and ice hockey skills, respectively.


Even if you don't manage to catch your favourite team or sport in the flesh, Berlin is home to all kinds of sports bars and beer halls that offer the brilliant combination of cold drinks, sports and exciting atmosphere.


Want to play something fun with friends or family? Discgolf, cycling and swimming are all available – if you love the latter, be sure to head to the beautiful public pool, the Stadtbad Neukoelln.

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