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The third largest island in the Dodecanese, and second in popularity only to the infamous Rhodes, Kos is a perfect balance of beauty and history, development and nature.


Beautiful beaches, stunning views and incredible history - Kos is another jewel in Greece’s crown.


Holidays to Kos

The third largest island in the Dodecanese, and second in popularity only to the infamous Rhodes, Kos is a perfect balance of beauty and history, development and nature.

Picture perfect beaches, warm clear waters, and an endless supply of watersports will keep those looking for a beach holiday more than happy, whilst the incredible historical monuments, archaeological sites and idyllic white-washed villages will satisfy those wanting to explore the islands culture.
With nightlife to rival neighbouring Rhodes, restaurants you won't want to leave, and all manner of activities to keep all ages busy, Kos really is a perfect holiday destination. 



Kos enjoys the typical weather of this region, with hot dry summers and mild winters. The two broad seasons of ‘hot and cold’ can be simply split as December to March for the cold season, with the average temperature staying below 15°C, whilst the hotter weather starts to arrive in late-April and runs through to October.

Highs in summer tend to be around 30°C, with lows generally not falling below 20°C. Rain is all but non-existent in the peak-summer months of June, July and August, the sea is an incredible 25°C and you’ll be treated to a glorious 13 hours of sunshine a day.

Spring and autumn are also wonderful times to visit. The temperatures might not be quite warm enough for days of sunbathing, but you are generally guaranteed warm temperatures, little rainfall, and a few less fellow-tourists, so it the perfect time to visit if you’re planning on lots of sightseeing, or enjoying the popular outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or horse-riding.





Things to do on holiday in Kos

Here’s some of the best Kos has to offer…



Greece is known for its incredible historical sites, and Kos is no exception. Asklepierion, an ancient medical centre is a fascinating visit, as is the Roman Odeon - Kos’ very own mini-colosseum. The impressive Sanctuary of Asclepius, the Ancient agora, the Venetian Castle in Kos Town and the Fortress in Antimachia are just some of the other historical sites that will keep avid sightseers busy, whilst anyone in the mood for a museum should make for the Archaeological Museum in Kos Town, or the Folklore Museum in Antimachia.

And let’s not forget the simplistic beauty of the typically Grecian white-washed houses, picturesque villages and countless churches and monuments scattered throughout the island that will make any outing worthwhile and photo ready.



Kos is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Dodecanese islands, with the majority having beautiful soft sand and that crystal blue water that we so often think of when dreaming of a Greek island.

Beaches are a big draw for the tourist, and as such many of the beaches are well developed and organised, with plenty of facilities to keep you fed, watered and entertained without needing to stumble too far from your beach towel. Kardamena, Kefalos, Lambi and Agios Stefanos are some of the best, with the latter certainly being one of the most photographed thanks to the historical sites sitting proudly against the natural beauty of the beach. There are still a surprising number of secluded and less-developed beaches however, with Karnagio, Kohilari and Lagades all being worth a visit if you’re looking for tranquillity.

One of Kos’ most unique beaches however, is Therma, where natural hot springs await you. The water temperature hovers between 30-50°C and is rumoured to bear healing properties.


Watersports & Sea Activities

Given the extent of Kos’ coastline, it’s no surprise that watersports are high on the agenda for many visitors, and there are plenty of businesses on almost every beach that provide various sports.

All manner of watersports, from wind to motor to inflatable rides are available. Snorkelling is a great option in many parts of the island, although the area around Kefalos is probably best for independent snorkelling thanks to its easy access, clear water and abundance of marine life. For those that fancy going a little deeper into the water, there are also plenty of dive shops across the island.

Sailing and yachting is also extremely popular, with Kos being one of the top yacht charter destinations in Greece. The marina is located at the old harbour, and you can sail to any number of magnificent nearby islands. Alternatively, you could spend a day on an organised boat tour, which will also whisk you away to these beautiful nearby islands and coves, but without the need to handle the boat yourself!


Family Fun

If you fancy getting away from the sand for a day, but not from the water, why not head to the Lido Water Park – an epic 75,000 square metres of water slides, games, pools and facilities to keep you satisfied all day. Or if you fancy something completely non-water related, there are a number of horse-riding centres, or you could head out for a spot of mini-golf or to try your hand at some go-karting!



Kos is known as the cycling island thanks to its mostly flat yet stunning landscape, and you will see bikes and cyclists everywhere you go. There are cycle paths and tracks across the island, and it is truly a wonderful way to explore the island and take in those views. There are routes for all levels, so whether you’re looking for a leisurely amble or a rigorous hill climb there is sure to be something to take your fancy. Bike rental shops are all over most towns and resorts, and usually charging just a couple of euros a day.


Eating and Nightlife

Once the sun has set, you have a whole other side of Kos to explore and enjoy. Restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs are to be found all around the island, and you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere you’ll want to stay until the early hours.

The busiest spots to head for dinner are in Kos Town, Kardamena, Zia, Tigaki, Agios Stefanos and Mastihari, but you’ll find fabulous tavernas and restaurants in even the most remote of villages. The busiest nightlife spots are Kos Town and Kardamena, where the majority of the bars and clubs are found – including Honey, Fashion and Downtown, all of which will have you dancing to amazing music and DJs through the night. There are a number of great bars and waterfront clubs in the other tourist resorts however, and whether you’re looking for a crazy night partying or a relaxing cocktail in a beautiful setting, there will be plenty to choose from.

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